Charter Products Golf, Inc.
72 Years of Serving the Golf Industry
Club Covers
20108 Neoprene  XW Cover
20643 Iron Gloves
Single”X” Cover
Available in navy, royal, red
and black.  Made in the USA
with top of the line neoprene
21614 Magnetic Closure 
Singe Hybrid Club Cover
Fits hybrids & utility irons
(hybrid cover is only cover 
available) Designer Iron Gloves
     20266 # 2 Cover
     20404 Big Blue 
Driver Cover
• See NFL Page For Licensed Club Covers
Mini Hybrid Cover

Fairway Wood
  Grape Only
Flame, Pink, Wasabi, Grape, Yellow
Coverupz Single Wood Covers
20700 #1 Cover – Fits up to 320cc  Black, Blue, Red, Black LH
20701 #1X Cover – Fits up to 400cc (Black only)
20702 #1XX Cover – Fits up to 500cc  (Blue, Red, Black LH only)
20703 #3 Cover (Red, Blue, Black LH only)
20704 #5 Cover (Red, Blue, Black LH only)
20706 #9 Cover Black, Blue, Red
20707 Blank Cover (fits 7-14 woods)  Black, Blue, Red, Black LH
20955 Set of 3 Covers  (Blue, Red only)

20982 “AW” Cover
• One cover per hang tag retail package 
• Black cover with blue or red tab
21824 Riddler
21827 Penguin
20955 Coverupz Set of 3
Wood Covers
Available in Blue and Red
99475 Mallet Putter Cover
Blue and Red
23687 Hybrid Cover