Charter Products Golf, Inc.
70 Years of Serving the Golf Industry
Training Aids & GPS/Phone Holders
21026 Medicus Maximus
Weighted Driver
MLH only
21045 Medicus Power Max Driver
with Power Meter (MRH only)
- Has inertial weight shift designed
 specifically to develop the proper
  wrist-cock/wrist-release building
 pro-like distance.
- PowerMeter offers immediate and
 accurate results consistently with
 each swing
 20576 Medicus Dual Hinge Driver
             MLH, LRH & LLH only
94262  Matzie Assist
Swing Trainer
• Includes instructional DVD
• Available in :   
 Men’s LH (yellow)
 Junior LH (green)
 Globetrotter (black)
22216 Grip Lock Golf Glove
• Preferred Training Aid of the
  PGA Center for Learning &
  Performance for 2014
• High quality leather glove with
  additional removable training aid
  included to help  achieve perfect swing
• MLH:   M, M, L & XL
99269 Medicus #5 Iron
21441 Medicus #7 Iron
21052 Medicus DA Dual Driver
Hank Haney’s Essentials
“Grip Strength”  DVD & Hand Exerciser
Set contains one Prohands Hand exerciser and
one Hank Haney’s Essentials instruction DVD.
  21366 Light Tension  (5 lbs per finger)
  21367 Medium Tension  (7 lbs per finger)
  21368 Heavy Tension  (9 lbs per finger)
22592 TeleVu Smart Phone Holder
- Spring loaded mount holds smart
   phones up to 3.5” wide
- Telescopic rubber grip handle
- Pole extends to 38”
- Place in golf bag for course or range use
22594 Click-iT Remote
- Pairing Click-iT remote with a smart
 phone or tablet allows you to record  
 your long and  short swings
- Works with built in camera function
   on phone
- Photo and video capture range up to 30’
- ISO/Android compatible
22595 Click iT Remote Kit
- Kit contains Click iT remote and
  a 360° swivel
- Works in landscape or portrait mode

22593 Tri Caddy XL
• 4-Section adjustable legs for height
  Adjustment (15” - 35”)
• 360° rotation for portrait or landscape
• Indoor and outdoor use
• Includes tablet device holder
       22206 Tri Caddy
Spring-loaded mount holds
smart phones up to 3.5” wide.
270° Rotation for portrait or
landscape use.
22210 Xlip iT
Universal mount design holds a
variety of tablets from 7” - 10”.    
360° rotation for portrait or
landscape use.
22288 Caddy Cart Mount
• Works with hand held GPS and smart phones
• Base mounts to most hard or textured surfaces
22207 Tri Caddy Flex Pro
• Smart Grip legs flex and  
bend for perfect recording
angles using your smart
phone or camera
• Spring loaded mount holds
 phones up to 3.5” wide
21637 Golf Bag GPS Holder
• Clips easily and securely to golf bag
• Fits most handheld GPS and smart
• Portable design to easily fit in
   your bag when not in use
• Grip-iT arms expand up to 4.5” wide
• No tools required for installation
22209 Xlip Case
•Weather-resistant design with clear
screen allows touch screen access.
•Clips easily and securelyto golf bag.
99215 Grip Coach Training Grip
• Easily clips over existing club grip
• Snaps on and off
• MLH only